After reading a friend’s post about the perplexity of attention, I began to wonder whether a precise word exists for the sensation she was attempting to describe. I volunteered to create a word to encompass the described sensation.

Before going off on a wordy tangent, here’s my paraphrasing of what she was describing:

“…the untethered feeling you get when you see that an acquaintance shows deep interest in the happenings in some far-flung place or in the life of a distant stranger, acreage they’ll never traverse or people he or she will never meet and whose trajectory may as well be that of an alien star, regarding some mundane subject, while turning a blind eye toward your own…”

I think writers and artists might be the most prone to experience this detachment.

On a personal level, I think it would encompass the act of finding yourself passionately sharing a deeply personal revelation about oneself, only to turn and find the person you expect to be listening has left the room from boredom. Or, hearing people idly complain that social media is nothing except boring kindling for online fights.

This post should be directly on the path of interest for the fans of The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows.

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