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02012015 Commercial Idea for Cheatos / Cheetos

Cheatos: Lower calorie Cheetos: new product idea.

Dude on couch eating random snack chip.
Chester Cheetah comes in and puts on his sunglasses.

“If you’re going to be unfaithful to the cheetah, at least eat these.”

He throws a bag of snacks at a surprised dude on his couch. Cheetos spill everywhere, surprising the dude. The camera closes in on the half-spilled bag, which says “Cheatos.”

“All the hip, with more health.”

02012015 V8 Commercial Idea

I’m a huge fan of V8 drinks. I love them straight off the shelf, warm or cold. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner all provide an excuse to imbibe.

Previously, I’ve had ideas for Campbell Soup and its advertising. V8 has been around for decades, which is a surprise for most people. Yesterday, a slight change on the take to older ads hit me.

Here’s the synopsis for my video ad:

Late 40s man, sitting in a muscle car, window down, talking to camera. He reaches over to pick up a can, takes a drink and then talks to the camera…

“I used to think V-8 wasn’t a man’s drink. After finding out about how much they pack into this thing, I’ve switched to the raw power of V-8.”

V-8: Power your life.

Campbell Soup, you are welcome. Feel free to shoot my commercial, anytime you want.

I made this picture a long while ago, to half-jokingly honor just how good V8s are to me.