02122013 It’s Not the Thought That Counts

If someone took enough time and creativity to box and package your gift like this, would you feel anything other than happy? It’s not only colorful and crazy, but shows that a significant time investment was given. I would rather get an empty box like this than something obligatory. That’s just me, though.

I don’t want to get gifts that aren’t heart-felt or worthwhile. The minimalist in me doesn’t like it.  : ) I don’t need knick-knacks, clothes or books on fingernail painting. If you are my friend or family you don’t need to prove it to me. Let’s go eat and skip the normal gifts.

Notice I said “normal.” If it’s something humorous or crazy, go for it. But not a set of coffee cups or bath set, unless the bath set contains exploding bath salts or the cups are filled with caribou dung.

If it were the thought that counts, truly, instead of many of the gifts, I would get a note or a picture of something I COULD have had under different circumstances. Take a picture of a new car and tell me that if you win the lottery that the car would be mine.

Give money to your favorite charity. Better yet, give it to my favorite charity.

Better still – surprise me at a random time throughout the year. That suits me just fine. Collective holidays can sometimes surprise me and add meaning – but mostly, the obligatory nature seems to kill much of the “a-ha-ness” of the gifts.