A Website To Make Your Age More Interesting

You’re Getting Old Link

This website isn’t as straightforward as you would think. Once you input your information, you should scroll and read through all the information on the results page.

Everyone who takes a minute to do more than a cursory glance has discovered something new.

One thing that I find informative is how the results compare an event in the past to your birthday, versus your birthday to present day. It compresses time into a surprisingly narrow and rapid series of events.

For me, it was interesting to think about time in gaps. For example, in 1976, the US’ 200th birthday, I was only 9 years old, but I remember hearing about WWII, thinking it was ancient history. But for those telling the stories, it was less than 30 years before, a long generation. From 1976 until now is much more time than from when I was 9 back to WWII. It adds an almost hidden element to time. Our memories both compress and elongate history.