Having a Birthday on or Near Xmas?

Don’t you feel badly for those unfortunate souls whose birthdays are around the holiday?

Especially when they are younger and don’t understand why they don’t get the extra parties, gifts, and hoopla about their birth like the other kids?

Lucky for me, my wife’s birthday is on Xmas Eve. Unlike most people, she doesn’t stress over her birthday. She’s like me in that regard – birthdays are mostly for children. A celebration every once and a while is great for adults, but the obligatory celebration/cake/big to-do over it every year is a little…. unnecessary might be the word I’m looking for.

Her birthday falling on Xmas also gives me an out. If we don’t want to make a big deal out of Xmas, I can disguise any of my gifts as a birthday gift and she’s left with no possible complaint.

I wouldn’t respect her less if she was like so many other people in regards to birthdays. But I do love her more because she says it’s no big deal – and means it when she says it. That’s not true for a lot of people.