Off the Cuff Remarks For Saturday

Everyone who knows me laughs sometimes at my odd attention to irrelevant detail. With Facebook, for example, I’m more interested about what motivates patterns of actions and posts – usually at the expense of what they are posting. Why do certain people post at certain times or omit vital details while obviously begging for attention is interesting to me.What’s NOT posted, even when it is more representative of the identity of a person is equally fascinating.

Most interesting is the tendency of people to self-edit, myself included. Are we afraid that our remarks will be horrendously taken out of context? Or worse, that they will be understood and cast us in a horrible light? I’ve written a couple of posts about how everything a person documents will be taken out of context and in the worst possible way, somewhere, by someone.We should give up the idea of control over this and live a little more peacefully. Make no mistake, we are all going to say incredibly stupid things, sometimes even hateful.

Imagine if every word we uttered were to be recorded and viewed later. Over time, we would be unable to say or do anything as a result of the constant negative attention. People must be allowed to learn and change, including one’s opinions. As we learn and grow, our dumb opinions and values change with us.

If you don’t like gay marriage, at least be honest about it. You can change your mind later. If you think the president to be an ass, say so. Why are we so reluctant to be share our thoughts? (…and later admit we were wrong.?)

I know for a fact that all of us have some outrageous commentary going on in our head. Most of our censor the content so diligently that little of it escapes our filter. Life would be more interesting if we could let some of it out in our regular lives and either learn from one another, or at least be entertained by the results.

Most of the time I’m just disappointed that we aren’t making an effort to let out some of our weirdness, if not our demons, for a little exercise.