Quote on Privacy From Dilbert Blog

“We tend to fear losing our privacy until it’s gone. Then we wonder what all the fuss was about. It turns out that the bigger challenge than retaining privacy is getting anyone to care about you at all…” -Scott Adams

Although not strictly related, here’s a facebook post from a while back:

“Facebook is one of the biggest technological marvels in the world. It is often the equivalent of an email, a phone call or a visit all in one package. Yet, we vainly try to use it to ‘control’ the array of positive and negative happenings in their lives. Use it to share with those you respect and love; otherwise, I will have to find you and yank out your nose hairs for vague-posting. Instead of hinting, share. If you can’t share openly it is best to post nothing and thereby quell the potential for inquiry. Everyone close to you already knows both the joys and sorrows of your life. Share or silence are the 2 available options, at least in my opinion. Amen.”

We can hide well as individuals in a mass of people but anyone is easily uncovered in 30 seconds or less, for free, on the internet. If you don’t mind paying a little, you can uncover anyone in 5 seconds. Where do you live? Do you own a house? Who are you related to? What’s your phone number? Date of birth? Where did you go to school? Who were your friends? Who are your friends? No matter how private you think you are, I can find the answers to all of these questions incredibly easily. Most of it is information you’ve willingly provided. You don’t need the NSA to snoop, intercept, or do surveillance to get this information. 

Everything you do everyday reveals your life. Your phone tracks you, your car tracks you, cameras at ATMs and on roadways track you. Other people’s movements help track you. Your friends and coworkers assist in your every move.

It’s easy to go to bed, convinced that you haven’t added to the invasion of your privacy. If you are alive in this modern world, you can be certain that your life added to the database today.

If you know that your life is being scrutinized, even anonymously, why not share the meaningful bits with the rest of the world? It is just as viable an option as being superficial.