Taken For Granted

Black Hole Sun
The same sun, yet
filtered by negligent eyes
renders darkly all that shines
 (X Teri)
It is our inevitable nature to marginalize and forget the people, ideas and things that we hold most valuable. “Familiarity breeds contempt” is a well-known cliche that I would modify: “Familiarity breeds neglect.”
Even when we think we are being mindful custodians of our lives, the fatigue and incessant throng of daily living distracts us. Sometimes, the distraction threatens to make us so inattentive that our lives begin to orbit eccentrically, threatening to hurl things and people away from us.

The above painting is one I asked a friend to paint for me as a surprise gift for my wife. It’s a woman in silhouette, sitting near the top of a hill on a bright, sunny day, near a gorgeous tree. Yet, to her, the sun is a black hole. Even she is black against the beautiful backdrop. In a similar fashion, we incrementally fail to appreciate things of beauty or exquisite nature, so much so that their presence seems to almost become the opposite of reality.

(Sidenote: my friend who painted the work doesn’t think of herself as a painter. It’s obviously not true. If it gave me an inspiration and I was willing to pay her for her time and effort, then by definition, she is a painter.)