Taxes and “Fairness”

Recently, someone I know who worries too much about money was lamenting the issue of taxes.

His comments echoed what I hear from a lot of people: taxes are too high. “Property taxes aren’t fair because they mean that they don’t ever truly own my house outright. Property taxes are thus really just another type of perpetual rent.” For the record, people who know me also know very well that I do NOT complain about paying taxes, whether they are income, federal or property taxes. We have it great here, all things considered.  I am in the minority in this regard as complaining about taxes is almost a national sport. I’ve never understood it.

I am not complaining about taxes now, either, in case someone with poor reading skills jumps to that conclusion. I’m making a point about the hypocrisy of many who constantly complain about “their tax money being wasted” on programs they dislike or don’t agree with.

What really annoys me if think too long on the subject is the entire concept of this type of taxation to begin with. Most people rant about their taxes. These people are also the ones who almost always complain about what their taxes are going for. Whether it’s abortion, subsidies, drug therapy, food stamps, jails, military, etc. Most have their particular ideas about what taxes should be used for.

With the issue of property taxes, though, we really are talking about local schools. Almost all of the funds go toward local schools.

If one were to honestly look at property taxes, the people with the biggest ax to grind would be those who don’t have children in the school system – and especially those adults who never had children in the system and never will. They are being forced to pay for services that result from voluntary behavior. (People having children.)

If people are going to complain about taxes and say the word “fair” without being hit by lightning, they need to stop and consider that those without children are getting hit the hardest of all. How high would taxes be if only people with children paid these taxes that go toward schooling? And why shouldn’t it be this way? Isn’t that “fair?” Would it be “un-american” to require ONLY those with kids to pay taxes to support schools?

They are the ones who decided to have kids. Isn’t it about responsibility? Isn’t that what we hear so often from so many people in society? That people should have to pay for their decisions and be responsible?

I’m making an effort to use this taxation logic against those who would otherwise argue for taxation fairness.

The friend of mine who was ranting about property taxation is also insistent that health insurance be adjusted based on whether you choose to smoke, drink and overeat. His logic is that voluntary behavior should affect how much you pay, which sounds fair, doesn’t it? Why not extend that logic to include children? If I don’t have any, I shouldn’t be paying property taxes. Those who have children should be paying ALL the taxes. Imagine the outrage if such a system were seriously proposed, much less implemented!

Again, I’m just using the ideas as a sample argument to demonstrate the inconsistency people hold in their heads about ‘fairness.’ I’m not advocating a system where only people with children should pay property taxes. But wouldn’t it be interesting to see it tried?