Is Your Bible Autographed By Jesus?


Christianity’s best message seems to be about love.

Millions of intelligent, caring people have their own ideas about the specifics.

If millions of smart, loving people can’t agree, it’s a sign that acceptance is crucial to living together in society.

Just because you are righteously certain about a specific point that you believe is clearly communicated in your religious text, it does not lessen the fact that other people, equally certain, believe something quite different.

Live and let live. Live and let love.

In 2006, I attended a small community church. Its smallness concealed a very surprisingly progressive pastor. Each week, he’d mention a story about when he was younger and learning the craft of pastoring. He had been listening to his mentor preach a list of what was right and wrong in society and which groups were doing God’s work and which ones were false prophets. He evidently had quite a list of things going on in society that he violently disagreed with and had a millions verses to support each disagreement. An elderly gentleman stood up, evidently tired of hearing him point fingers at something he agreed with.

He said, “Is your Bible autographed by Jesus?”

Think of those words as you use your bible or own viewpoints to lessen other people and what they believe. It’s okay to have faith, but getting bogged down in the spiral of pointing fingers, questioning other beliefs and insisting that you alone hold the unifying version of the truth is a dark road.

“Is your Bible autographed by Jesus?” If not, use the message of acceptance and love to guide you. Using it to dictate that others live your way isn’t going to move you closer to your goal and it isn’t going to be a positive example for non-believers to examine.

So much of our time is wasted in the pursuit of that elusive moment when others will see that we are right.