Lawns, Yawns, Time Spent?

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It is true. I don’t understand people and their lawns.

I know that lawns exist inasmuch as they are expanses of grass and unoccupied space in people’s yards.

Can we collectively vote on this nonsense? I recommend that we all agree that we need to stop worrying about our lawns. And our neighbor’s too. If they keep their lawn reasonably short and safe, let’s shut up about it and learn to instead look at the owners of manicured lawns as if they are the crazy ones. Because, let’s face it, they are the ones wasting their time and energy, attempting to perpetuate the nonsensical idea that overly-manicured lawns look “better.”

The obsession with perfecting one’s lawn, to me, is ridiculous. To be judged or judge another on the maintenance of one’s lawn is lunacy.

I like dandelions and field grass. Spending money on ridding your lawn of minor nuisances grasses is a waste of your money and time, not to mention adding chemicals to the environment that only harm everyone’s else planet. It’s not natural to attempt to poison away all ‘unwanted’ grasses and plants
I’m not advocating letting your grass grow knee-high or worse. Not at all. Even though I mow my grass with regularity, more so even than my neighbors, I don’t subscribe to the notion that grass needs to be shorter than a few inches. People who truly maintain a relaxed yard have prettier yards – in my opinion. Looking at severely cut grass just looks weird to me.

2-3 years ago, I realized that I was mowing my grass too short and have kept my mower higher ever since – and am not mowing more often. I mow at least weekly during the appropriate season. Keeping the mower higher is better for the grass, better for the mower and safer. Why people insist on keeping the mower too low is one of those mysteries I don’t understand.

Likewise, when I see how much water some people use on their yards, I just shake my head. It’s just grass. If you have the money to spend on the water that is certainly your business. But if almost no one watered their yard grass the amount of potable water used would be drastically reduced. And that’s the way it should be.

Absent a radical change in water allocation in the world, necessity is going to one day require all the lawn freaks to substantially change their attitudes, anyway. I can’t see a future where people spend so much time, water, and resources on grass and aesthetics when elsewhere water is a precious need going unfulfilled.