Not Enough Time

u dont have enogh time dont u have the same amount as everyone else who succeeds

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I’m too busy.”

Perhaps valid justifications for not doing things. It’s your life, after all. You don’t owe anyone an explanation unless you want to provide one.

However, each of us has exactly the same number of hours per day. You do have time – it’s just that you have opted to not use it in certain ways, whether you’ve consciously chosen how to spend your days or your life has incrementally pushed you into a fast-paced routine.

All of our minutes are extinguished based on the decisions we’ve made and continue to make. Whether you spend your time watching television, reading, or in the mountains hiking, time is yours to spend.

If your life is complicated and too fast, make it simpler and slow it down.

Sacrifice money for free time. Give up bigger houses (or any house at all) for smaller spaces. Stop doing things that aren’t worth your time.

I know what you are thinking: it’s impossible. It’s not. The first step is realizing that frenetic activity is no substitute for a pleasurable life, one filled with the things that you find a fair trade in exchange for your life’s moments.


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