Life Is a Hotel Resort


If you can imagine that your entire life is just a short stay in a resort hotel, you will be less likely to clutter and hoard your life – even with “valuable” keepsakes. Living like you live in a hotel resort requires you to live deliberately.

If you have strong religious beliefs, it should be easier, in theory, to put this into practice, as you are a soul housed in a bag of dust, waiting for your metamorphosis back into dust. Piling up stuff isn’t your focus in life, or shouldn’t be.

If you can imagine that random natural events can easily wipe your hotel room off the map, it will be easier to realize that your focus needs to change. You can simply go to another hotel resort and have a similar experience. Even though a real hotel resort stay is short in duration, it is the attitude of not being attached to the stuff that allows you to enjoy yourself. Imagine being able to carry that attitude into your everyday life. You might argue that hotel resorts are expensive and that is usually true. But weighed against the total cost of your house, car and all your amassed stuff, the cost isn’t as comparatively high as you first imagined. Keeping all this dumb stuff is expensive too, both in terms of what is spent and more importantly, how much of your life is wasted moving it, cleaning it and worrying about it.

If you go to a friend’s house and look around, you’ll note that in most cases the hidden stuff is actually quite a bit more than you will realize. You’ll also note that most of the things that the friend holds dear are nowhere in sight. They are piled in a drawer, in a closet, in the attic, or in a closed room, out of sight. If they aren’t  routinely seen or touched, are they then really meaningful to the owner? I know that you are going to argue that not all people are guilty of this; again, you would be right. But I think you would nod your head in agreement in general with the tendency. Our homes should be exclusively focused toward our comfort and enjoyment without much thought toward presentation for other people’s eyes. I’m convinced hoarding would decrease if we all did this and it would probably allow more people to be less stressed in their lives.

In a hotel resort, you want to be comfortable, having “just enough” to enjoy yourself and time spent there. You don’t own it – but you don’t mistreat it, either. At your house, you buy carpet that you don’t really like or even want, which you then have to maintain, usually at greater exposure to hidden dirt and allergens. You become more worried about the spot on the carpet than on whether you wanted the stuff in the first place. Your focus then turns to concern about the presentational resale value of it and whether it would affect your imaginary future potential to sell the house based on the presence and style of carpet.

At at hotel resort, you don’t have a closet full of “extra” towels. You have enough. You don’t have separate dishes for special occasions – each meal is a special treat in itself. Why isn’t this the case at home? I could go on with a hundred examples of this sort of foolishness. But it is our mindset almost without consideration.

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