Asa Faubus / Orval Hutchinson


The current debacle relating to the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts being passed in the United States is revealing many people’s authentic side. It is incredible to watch mostly Men With Bad Haircuts justify these laws, screaming that they need them in order to be able to practice their particular religious beliefs. As far as I can tell, they are mostly just angry because they are being forcefully reminded at every turn that their opinion is not the  law of the land – and that history is judging them harshly.

Their arguments are horribly disguised attempts to establish theocracy in government and society. It’s going to backfire and cause a backlash that will achieve the opposite result. The LGBT aren’t diabolical – they are just trying to live as normal people. Gay marriage might offend a few fundamentalists, but it in no way diminishes other people’s ability to live their lives as they see fit. But it does hamper the fundamentalist tendency to attempt to dictate to everyone else what we can do.

We live in a secular society wherein everyone is able to believe and practice their religion. It’s unfortunate that people don’t realize that few people agree on what exactly their religion preaches. Even among evangelicals, there is a huge disparity. These laws can be just as easily used against those who think it provides them discriminatory ability. Which religion do we choose? Which denomination or brand? Which tenets of faith?

I made the Orval Faubus and Asa Hutchinson picture to demonstrate the idea that history will not be kind to the people who endorse bigotry, whether it is against the LGBT community or other groups. It’s a mistake to disagree with civil rights issues. Barring an establishment of a theocratic society, everyone pushing for these laws is going to be judged with a harsh eye in years to come.

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