John Pavlovitz and His Blog

07 and 08 2007 (52)     Main blog page.   His Facebook page.

…. A great blog if you want to read about faith. It’s written so that even heathens like me can get something out of it.

I’m not christian but anything well-written and interesting is never a waste of your time. Even if you are like me and don’t share the specific faith, I’ll bet you find something you can latch onto and take with you from this blog. John is the type of Christian I would aspire to be. (PS: I would love to see a world in which the message of Jesus were implemented on every level!)

One of the biggest failings I see among believers is the tendency to look around and throw blame everywhere. Whether it is about divorce, abortion, the death penalty, drinking, smoking, or any other topic, that self-righteous attitude is what tends to detract from the ability to see believers as authentic.

It seems like people convince themselves that they alone hold the true perspective of their faith. This misplaced overconfidence tends to encourage an us-versus-them attitude.

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