Lost Compassion


Yesterday, I noticed a massive increase in the number of comments on social media regarding the less fortunate among us. Some of it related to minimum wage workers, while other commentary ranged from educational disparity to people getting unfair opportunities without having to work for it.

I have a theory that the last week of Indiana/Arkansas controversy about the LGBT or “Religious Freedom” bills wore down a lot of people’s nerves, especially those who have fallen victim to the idea that there is a war on religion, a gay agenda, or that their ability to be religious is being threatened.

As I’ve aged, I’ve had the opportunity to watch life and circumstances reach and smack so many people. I’ve had my share, too, of course. It can be so difficult to live a good, worthwhile life, as tragedy or luck can befall any of us on any given day.

I don’t look at those working for minimum wage and think that they’ve done something horrific to earn so little. I look at them and wonder how we tolerate the minimum wage being less than a living wage. It’s not my wish to encourage people to not live productive lives. On the other hand, I don’t mind some taking advantage of our social systems if it translates to people being treated with dignity. We are always going to need people digging ditches, cleaning floors, and doing the less appealing jobs in our society. Paying them less than what it takes is a reflection on our lack of commitment to a better society.

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