I Disagree With Almost All Anti-Vaxxers


I made the above tongue-in-cheek argument, hoping to perhaps disparage both the learning of algebra and the anti-vaxxers. (I fit the futility of algebra and the crazy of anti-vax into one pithy meme. You owe me $1. Thanks)

https://goo.gl/PEBQv7  (How Anti-Vaxxers Sound – YouTube) This link uses satire to drive home the point of the idiocy of many anti-vax arguments. Comedy tends to do a better of unmasking the absurdity of arguments.

I’ve yet to meet someone who demands the right to avoid vaccinations who isn’t missing a few threads on their bolts. I’ve seen some online who have great control of their arguments – but only when their arguments are used singularly; taken as a whole, it is fairly crazy. Personally, I’ve never met someone with doubts about vaccinations who doesn’t also do some other unrelated and even more dangerous things. But I can’t seem to tell them that. “They” are different from everyone else.

Vaccinations should be avoided only in demonstrable cases of medical necessity and then only under very strict conditions. Parents withholding them should be treated as if they are abusing their children and expect punishment for violating the social compact of immunization.

As for the “religious exemption” justification for forgoing immunizations, I’m not sure if I have a big enough “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me” stamp to hammer it with. Part of the price of admission to society is by participating in reasonable restrictions to how crazy you can talk and act. There is no sugar-coating the goofiness of allowing ignorance about cause and effect to affect public health.

Regardless of how strongly you believe your religion and scientific grasp goes to protect you, you need to stop perpetuating the illogical nonsense of anti-vax arguments. While prayer may or may not help you, it has been shown to have no effect on infection rates or statistical models of contagious disease.

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