A Tuesday Afternoon in Pictures

dfsdfdfsdsfsddssdsdSince everyone accuses me of the latter of the 2 alternatives mentioned in the above picture, I made this. (P.S. Also a good example of why our language bites ankles compared to others.)

For the following two pictures, it resulted from an exchange on social media. The first one is from Jackson Hignite and the second one was my reply…


bubbleThe above exchange is somehow “meta” and brings to mind several comments. But I’ll let you decide if you see any hidden meaning lurking the bushes.

The one below is the result of an off-the-cuff remark I made on social media, again directed toward the torrent of youths finishing high school and facing the long road of adulthood.


101108 lynette house and misc (90)I’m not certain why I included the Clooney picture in this post other than it tickles me. That should be enough, anyway. If I find it to be funny, surely others will, too.

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