beautiful-rainbowSometimes, the most insidious meanness is clothed in silk and topped with a gracious smile. “I don’t celebrate sin,” I read in yet another “I’m all about love” misdirection. By stating that homosexuality is “sin” and ignoring all other obvious sin, you are in fact not so cleverly doing what you claim you are not: calling the LGBT crowd ‘Lesser.’ It’s judgment no matter how you fight the term. (I don’t mind that you judge because I don’t play by the same rules that you do.)Don’t do the LGBT crowd any favors: they don’t consider themselves sinners and they don’t appreciate people who smile and hide their judgment as a refusal to “celebrate sin,” as if homosexuality is on the same level as gossiping or divorce. The Christian Bible was darned hard on several sins, none of which seem to be as interesting to the morality crowd.



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