A Review: The Grove Kitchen, Rogers, Arkansas (With update for this year…)


Update/Edit: See below…

Found The Love of My Life (Not Including My Wife…)

Imagine the best, freshest, & most sublime food you’ve ever had. Now imagine that multiplied by 7. (As if both Grandma and your favorite chef teamed up to cook just for you.) That’s what I experienced today at The Grove Kitchen in Rogers. I had a mozzarella, pesto, and reduced balsamic vinegar sandwich on cranberry pecan bread – served with the most impeccably grilled and seared asparagus I’ve eaten in a long time. I can’t reveal any further details except to say that I’m pretty sure I was annoying to both my wife and any innocent bystanders, observing me as I experienced one of the best meals I’ve ever imagined, much less experienced. It was a spiritual awakening. There were tears of joy.

Update: The above was written in the middle of last year. As you can see, my first 3 visits were indeed joyous. The last few, however, have driven me from wanting to go back. Ever. I won’t specifically disparage this place but it took a lot of negative marks for me to go from thinking of this as one of my favorites to one of those places that I will never step foot in again. It took a lot for me to admit it, too. It wasn’t just one visit that drove me away, either – it was several.

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