We All Too Often Vilify To Justify


I’m re-posting this picture from a couple of weeks ago, because I’m seeing arguments failing to hit the nail on the head. So many people need a boogeyman. For many of us, we have friends and acquaintances in all of the usual “boogeyman” groups and it sounds crazy to us when people lump everyone into the same tired “THEM” group.

Just at the Westboro Baptist Church isn’t indicative of either Baptists or Christians, the actions of zealots or the criminals of any group shouldn’t be expanded to clothe the entire group to which they belong.

Most of us detest the extremism from all angles – political, religious, or social. Most of us recoil at violence – coming from anyone. The same is true for hate speech.

Anytime you see words written or hear them spoken in a way that seems over-generalized, prejudicial, or bigoted to you, substitute that word’s comparative opposite (White, Black, Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Male, Liberal, Hispanic, etc) into the space. It usually clears up the uncertainty as to whether blanket stereotyping is afoot.

I don’t have coffee with any extremists – and I doubt you do, either.

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