A Few Quips…


I imagine the World’s Worst Air Guitar Band would play actual instruments. And they’d probably sound like Jason Aldean, the vocal equivalent to some pissed off and startled crows.

Speaking of which, I can imagine blind people hearing Jason Aldean and wondering if they were being pranked.


“Ted Cruz is that guy you would love to get to know and then read in the newspaper that he mysteriously disappeared. I would love to donate to his ‘Stay Lost’ fund.” -x


For those who say that the people who make the phone book don’t have a sense of humor, I disagree: they listed both ‘Joses’ & ‘Buffalo Wild Wings ‘ in the Restaurant category.


I really like that lady who is the lead singer of Aerosmith, especially since he starting doing country. (I love seeing artists doing different things. Life is too short to not go nuts.)

I don’t like most of Aerosmith’s music, but Tyler’s voice is both broken and powerful and well-suited to country, regardless of what the snooty experts might opine.


Here’s a picture I made, with the inspiration of “Heaven: A Return to Family.”

heaven a return to family



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