Another Great Weekend at Wisteria Lane

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20160220_083144 crqzy color

While all 4 cabins have great amenities, the truth is that cabin #4 is the best location, as it is at the end of the property, abutting wilderness and quiet. No one else stayed at the cabins this weekend, which was a shame for everyone else and a blessing for us.



My wife and I spent the weekend at the best cabin retreat possible: Wisteria Lane, with 70° weather in February. I grilled 3 times & was visited by the largest crow I have ever seen. I christened this new bird the “Dawnus Bird,” for humorous and legitimate reasons I am forbidden to disclose. We watched a couple of spectacular movies, listened to some great music and Dawn pretended to read while being interrupted 256 times. But nothing compares to the porch swing in the middle of nowhere.

Wisteria Lane

I am so appreciate of the fact that our lives allow us the time and ability to get away to such a great place. It’s north of Eureka Springs and Holiday Island, short of the Missouri border, tucked away in a valley. I’ve written about it before and will undoubtedly sing its praises in the future. I’ve stayed at Wisteria close to 30 times and always miss it when I’ve not been in a while.

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