April Fools’s Day Should Be More Often

Sometimes, I wish every day were April Fools’ Day. With enough creativity, hilarity becomes infectious and we fall into our respective pillows filled with shaving cream, believe fantastical stories without regard to reason, and remember that life itself is one continuous prank on each of us. It is the best thumb-in-the-eye to this stuffed-shirt world.

The world would be both more interesting and tolerable if tomfoolery flourished with greater frequency. I’m not just saying this because I evidently am built with nothing except goofiness in mind.

I don’t usually do much, but I admire any attempt to catch someone off guard.

Earlier, I called the warranty manager for my home-builder and slowly told her I had an awkward situation. “Well, the heating technician who came to our house was outside without protective eye-wear and got his face full of dust from the unit. He came inside to use our bathroom and flush his face clean. He left his glass eye in a cup next to the sink. And I think he forgot he left it there when he was done.” It wasn’t until she started typing that it hit her that she probably ought to reconsider sending that email. It was good fun and she laughed.

Everyone should get a laugh like that one.

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