Old People Love Volunteering The Young For Military Service

Apologies for my little side rant here. For whatever reason, the quantity of old farts pontificating about the need to do something about all the alleged issues young people are causing has been on the uptick lately. The cacophony of dentures clicking in complaint has been deafening.

Why is it that the people most likely to complain about today’s youth being spoiled and needing mandatory military service are also the very same people who rarely served in the military themselves? Or didn’t force their own children, college-bound or not, to serve? I’m generalizing, but most of these self-righteous people also had behaviors that would not have survived military service. My skin crawls when I read some older person crying and pounding the table about great it would be if all young people had to serve in the military.

It is not the young people who have messed up the world- they haven’t had their turn yet. It is us, the generations already making questionable decisions, who currently own the problems of society.

Don’t point at the current young crop of people and demand they be held accountable for what we’ve done wrong. The military is there for anyone who chooses to be a part of it, for reasons of their own, whether economic or self-improvement. Requiring military service won’t necessarily breed a generation of conservatives like you would hope. Military service isn’t a magic pill to require conformity or agreement.

The same tired group of people demanding mandatory military service are also the first to whine if society or government tells them what to do, even for social benefit. It is so strange to watch them object to everything based on their own ‘freedom,’ yet immediately want to volunteer others for duties they haven’t chosen for themselves. Everything government-related is dangerous to them, yet they claim to idolize the virtues that military service would instill.

This isn’t a great post, I realize. And it could easily be misconstrued to make arguments I’m not making.

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