Trump and “The Apprentice” Opinions

A quick note on a Saturday morning…

Note: I disliked the TV show “The Apprentice” and avoided watching it. It’s easy to believe that the “Apprentice” detractors currently in the news truly dislike what Trump has to say. Yes, they profited from their relationship during the TV show with Trump. Duh – that’s how it works. They were in a business transaction involving themselves and the producers. It was mutually beneficial. Trump and the TV show profited from the participant’s time and involvement, just as participants did. What strange logic to condemn people because they come forward to voice their concerns. It is strange that Trump would condemn participants for having an opinion, as Trump himself was just an employee of the show. As you may recall, he was fired from “The Apprentice” by NBC. He uses his appearance on the show to bolster his image and exposure, no differently than those currently criticizing his views and fitness to be president.

Many of us have traded our time for dollars. (Some of us call it “work.”) Sometimes, when I’m driving and a poultry truck passes me, loaded with thousands of filthy, dirty turkeys or chickens, I wonder how I participated for so long in the industry. Of course, it always hits me: they paid me for my time. Many of my worst experiences about how NOT to do things happened during my poultry years. (Of course, there were some phenomenal people and managers who cared deeply about doing the right thing in the right way. I have some great memories of some fine people.) However, getting paid when I needed to eat doesn’t negate my ability to voice an opinion, positive or negative. The “Apprentice” group might be capitalizing on Trump’s current controversy. Of course they are. That is how it is supposed to work. Millions of people are working right now for managers and business leaders who aren’t representative of what we aspire to – and certainly not people we would want to be president of the United States. The participants of “The Apprentice” are using what little voice they have to make a point they want to make, while people will listen. Most people will miss the fact that the group tried to not denounce Trump as a person; rather, their criticisms were aimed at his campaign message and platforms. That’s a huge difference and too subtle for most people to ponder.

Trump is missing the fact that he too was an employee for the show, too, and that his opinion isn’t necessarily more valid simply because he was the figurehead.

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