An Inelegant Tuesday Afternoon



I ain’t saying the mechanic’s shop was trying to take advantage of me, but I thought I saw Bill Cosby changing the oil on a car in there.


“Time does not race you. It’s patient, knowing that it has every second in the world to casually win the sprint.”

I made the picture below, using yearbook pictures from 50 years ago. I posted it on the social media of one the teachers everyone loves and will remember.

“While immortality is impossible, teachers have the best chance at going the furthest, at least while human memories last.”




My wife got excited when I told her I went to buy a new micro-wave. But her excitement diminished greatly upon my arrival home. I did buy a new micro-wave. Not for cooking, though – it is a really small hand that I hold up in the air when I see someone I know.



A joke for fans of esoteric jokes: I guess I should have paid more attention when I was craving macaroni. Evidently, I bought a box containing one huge macaroni noodle. The box was labelled “Macroroni.”



I’m way out of touch. A high school student asked me if I was a fan of Drake. “Nah,” I told him. “Duck feathers cause esophageal irritation.”



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