Hello, Again

worry too much paper plane crash


I’m a dog-walker. No, I don’t ambulate with canines. Rather, I walk on all fours and sniff everything in the room.


Do you know how it is when someone says the most hateful, racist thing – but for social reasons you can’t say anything, much less start hollering? That feeling is my new description for the word ‘work.’ ~X


Comedy has a way of expressing uncomfortable truths or observations that anger people. Sometimes, it is because what they hold dear is simply being mocked and sometimes it is because they know in their hearts that a belief, hobby or way of life that defines them is worthy of some mockery, because many of us take our pursuits much too seriously, so much so that it often defines us. Comedy belies the fact that we all look at each other with snarky eyes and listen with sarcastic ears – but pretend that we don’t.

The following joke I wrote for a comedian is the perfect example:

“I got a concealed carry gun permit this week, after months of waiting. I beat up one of the gun nuts who earned one and took his permit. I told him he should consider carrying a knife to protect himself.”


I planted a new garden yesterday, including some corn, tomatoes and squash. The field maintenance manager for Bulldog stadium was not amused!   #fiftyyardlinegarden


My advice has alternated between “Keep your head up” and the much-less optimistic “Keep your head ON.”


“Optimism: keep your head up.

“Cynicism: keep your head on.”  – X



40/29 News & Weather called me for a quote regarding the incorrect weather report for yesterday: “I was blown away by the coverage.”


“No matter how large of a life you’ve lived, you gotta remember that it all fits inside one hat.” -X

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