29 June 2016 Wednesday

selfie final

This is the selfie I wish would have been possible this morning. Let’s see how much the neighbor loves animals, too.



Because over-simplification really gets the ‘get-out-and-argue-pointlessly’ crowd.


“Not all honors are equal. Being voted ‘Best Bowler’ at the Las Vegas Missing Fingers Convention isn’t necessarily an accomplishment.” (PS: If you’ve ever ‘won’ an Employee Of the Month award, please accept both my apologies and congratulations, no snark intended. All I’ve won is the prestigious “Still-Not-Fired” award, subject to change. As Dane Cook more or less quipped, “If you work at a place that has Employee of the Month awards, you are not only the biggest winner but the biggest loser as well.)



Just be glad I switched this from Klingon to English.


When I went to AA with a friend, they told me I had to surrender to a force greater than myself. Here’s to you, IRS.




Monday, a co-worker told me a story of seeing a plane crash many years ago, after I mentioned a plane falling from the sky in a social media post. My co-worker walked away and although some details didn’t match, after a few moments, it hit me that yet another unlikely coincidence had been revealed to me, 25 years after a plane fell from the sky to grace my Saturday morning with catastrophe. It was surreal, because I knew before my co-worker said the words that our paths had crossed a quarter of a century ago, unbeknownst to both of us.

I’ve written so many times about the incredible number of coincidences related to this plane crash back in 1991. It turns out that my co-worker witnessed the pilot falling to his death, as his parachute slipped away from him, as he fell to his death below. It is strange to consider that someone I know witnessed one of the biggest things in my life as a casual observer. He had no idea who I was at the time, and certainly couldn’t have imagined it was me on the ground, waiting for an unscheduled appointment with a falling airplane.

Had we not crossed paths today and casually started talking, it is likely that I would have never connected the co-worker’s story to my own.

Each time I even casually mention the plane crash, a crazy twist gets added to my long list of unbelievable connections to this story. The last time I wrote about it on Facebook, a high school friend shared her story and hidden connections to the people involved in the plane crash.

If you’ve ever experienced an event which seems to be tenuously and invisibly connected to a world of other people, maybe you can imagine how bizarre I find the ongoing ways the plane crash intersected with different people in my life. It is sometimes as if I were to hold a transparent diagram over the events of my life, most of the people playing their parts would be tied to that Saturday in late 1991.

If the past is any indicator, now that I’m writing about pilot Joe Frasca’s death again, 25 years after he fell to his death, someone is going to write me and tell me another story of unlikely coincidence.




The fact that we even use the word “effective” to describe it proves that it doesn’t go without saying….





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