A Non-Player’s Defense of Pokémon Go

isco picnic 2009 (3).png


As mentioned, I don’t play Pokémon Go. (If they add free pizza to the mix, I will be signing up immediately.) As with all fun crazes, I’m seeing frequent and cynical comments about the game, who plays it, and the apparent ‘waste’ of time it entails.

When I watch people play and engage, I see happiness and engaged interest. These are NEVER bad things, even when the activity doesn’t interest you. Pokémon Go pulls people into the real world, even if slightly imaginary – and from there, tends to result in smiles, shouts, and people excitedly hopping about.

We all know the quote, “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” But how is Pokémon Go any more of a waste than watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” or endless hours of sports programming? I could get specific, but you get the idea; any hobby will be susceptible to criticism.

We all have our likes and dislikes and it is hilariously odd for me to read or hear friends putting down the new trends, saying they are child’s games or a waste of anyone’s time.

I don’t play the game but I also don’t share the attitude of derision that many others seem to have. Like anything else, if you don’t enjoy it or think it is stupid, by all means, don’t participate. If you are going to mock this new game, at least be creative about it. Take a moment and think hard. Your couch will still be there when you are worn out from all the thinking. (See, that last comment was a small joke as a jab.)

Any activity which makes other people seem crazier while granting me a greater appearance of normalcy is 100% bona fide in my book.

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