Distracted By Life

77 for 7

Allegedly funny – this picture is a response to, “Where are all your crazy quotes and pictures, X?”



“A eulogy is applause for the performer after he’s left the stage.”
Some glowing words are best voiced before the bell rings.








“The truth is that I don’t think a great job exists in which you didn’t know someone to help you get your foot in the door – followed by a push through it.” – X


If I were an arsonist, I would want the newspapers to call me by the name “Burnt Reynolds.”

(There is already a song named “Burnt Reynolds,” too, believe it or not.)
Each year, I see otherwise smart people being hooked into the glittery promise of multi-level marketing schemes, especially on social media. Dudes: if your primary focus is recruiting and not selling, it is an unsustainable scam, without exception.
‘Busy’ and ‘productive’ are almost certainly true antonyms.

There is something intrinsically untrustworthy about someone who denies that they can’t wait to get home and sit on the couch.



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