Rectify and Miscellaneous



“His cup truly runs over and yet, unabashedly, he notes with dismay that his cup is one size smaller than he would wish it to be.” – Me



to pretend versus the lie

Perhaps this quote originated in the aftermath of throwing up a can of tomatoes through my nose? Could it be the projectile velocity of acidic vegetables to which we owe so much of our genius?



If only those fingers pointing toward the perceived wrongdoer would spontaneously emit a bright and searing flame, much to the horror of the owner and to the delight of the intended target.



As a reader and lover of language, I sit in wonder after watching 3 seasons of “Rectify.” It’s been said by many that it is the best show than no one is watching. Rarely do characters come so vivaciously to life, murmuring and whispering with such glib eloquence. Listening to the people in this show move through complicated lives in this show is the closest I’ve ever come to experiencing visuals as if they were a novel. Several times in the past, I’ve read of the love and admiration of this show and renewed my self-promise to immerse myself. Not until very recently, however, did I stop gazing at it on my to-do list and start down the intricate road it travels. I regret not having been a part of it since it first aired but I will make amends by recommending it to anyone with a discerning taste for depth.

The intelligence of this show astounds me. The people inhabiting the world it paints for us trip and fall, even as they see the obstacles in front of them. Countless times I watched the inevitable pain surprise them, only to see a parallel to my own life. The mirror it smashes into my face catches all the sublime idiocy of the steps we all take, regardless of severity of circumstance.

If you need a gift for yourself, I recommend that you find a quiet moment to step away from your real life, sit down, and give “Rectify” the chance it deserves to unfold the way television should be revealed. It avoids the mega-dose of plot twists that doom so many potentially great tv shows or movies. Don’t let the initial premise of a condemned man’s unexpected release from prison trick you into thinking you understand what this show is about. The story is about us, individually and collectively, careening around the backdrop of what it means to be human.

If you are lucky, it will reveal glimpses of your own self that you’ve kept hidden slightly around the corner.

(The fact that Ray McKinnon is the creator of the show adds a dose of surreal to the majesty of the show.)


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