A Few Thoughts






I made the above picture for a friend so that he could see that I don’t just do ‘zany.’ I love the effects of this picture.



I made the above to poke fun of a friend who wondered why I hadn’t been picking at her lately. She recently broke her arm in a bicycle accident. Here’s what I wrote:

“For any of you following the saga of Jill “Nunchuck” Norris, please be aware that her cover story has been proven false.

Rather than an innocent mishap on a bicycle, her broken arm was the result of a no-holds-barred fight to the east of Mt. Sequoyah. Jill is now more dangerous than ever; although she can’t carry her sword around with her fighting arm, she can conceal a couple of knives under the cast.

Approach with caution. Preferably with candy, restaurant gift certificates, and a smile. Due to her injury, she is charging half of her customary rate to beat the daylights out of anyone you choose.

(Rumor has it that I might be next, given that I’m officially blowing her ‘accident’ cover story.)”




Now that everyone is early voting, I made this in response to the dozens of “I voted!” posts on social media: “Due to my liberal views, I thought it best to vote more than once. Oddly enough, they had stickers for this, too.” #rigged 🙂






During meetings instead of experiencing the drudgery I commit myself to the creation of at least one work of art. I was surprised at how much reaction I received from this work effort.




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