The Exile Returns

On a quiet Saturday evening, I see another friend, one pushed into in a narrow world by current events, finally emerging from her self-imposed cocoon. Her world is utopian; it’s not tinged by the presence of fact-free decisions, nor colored by those with more privilege placing blame on the ‘other.’

KKK to her equals ‘Knowledge, Kindness, and Kin,’ rather than the ongoing slippery slope of fear and anger shaping policy. Spiritual matters are indeed eternal but they are likewise tempered by our perpetual need to learn, improve, grow, and move away from the narrow lines we’ve been drawing. People matter more than policy, even if a few pennies roll away from us – and territories are all ephemeral in the scheme of things. Whether your kingdom is here or in another invisible realm, it is wise to remember that each of us is convinced of our own veracity.

It is no dishonor to kneel down and catch your breath. Really, it is the only way to win.

But for her, I suspect it is not a zero-sum game, nor one in which everyone must be placed in columns of winners and losers.

Welcome back.

Remember, just because people are shouting in your living room doesn’t mean you must offer them a glass of iced tea

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