The last year has changed things considerably: When someone says they do something religiously, I wonder if that means they themselves do it without due consideration – while judging others who do it.


Promise me that you will always have a doubt. Certainty is the rancorous poison which puts to slumber our humanity. It allows us to throw the punch, whether manufactured of damning words or clinched and coiled fingers. Doubt causes a flicker of consideration, allowing our better self to impose.


All the movies portray the crazy person fighting friends and family, insisting that illness hasn’t touched them. Except in the real-life version, all the people still defending Trump are collectively playing that role. Those of us around you are trying to help, even as you flail around in possessed denial.



Me, re-imagined as a radical, both inside and out.



I re-imagined Trump’s inaugural photo, without any satirical intent. Intense.


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