The Day the Dept. of Education Died…

One post of mine many Republicans will love reading:

For those of you who don’t follow other bubbles, it has long been the desire of many conservatives to abolish the Department of Education in entirety. If we continue on the trajectory of a Republican-controlled U.S. Congress and statehouses, the Dept. of Education will cease to exist. The abolition of the Dept. of Education doesn’t necessitate the adoption of a worse system – but it does hasten a total change in structure and attitude from everyone in the United States. It’s already started in earnest, whether we are paying attention in class or not. In Arkansas, most of us voted Republican. We gave them their voice and power. Those votes will continue to pay dividends toward their agenda. (I say ‘we,’ but please note that I’m a dirty, low-down, self-described degenerate liberal.)

I am not writing this because I agree with a state-centered system of education nor with the extinction of the Dept. of Education, as I think it’s the wrong course for our country. Unlike so many other progressives, though, I saw this fight coming from a long way off, and had already heard the bell indicating our defeat, even before the election of Trump.

I’m writing to tell you that it is inevitable.

We’ve abdicated our ability to continue with a progressive system we all know and handed that responsibility to the Republicans across the nation who had their eye on the goal longer and with greater zeal. The Republicans mobilized and by whatever means at their disposal, changed the games and the rules to achieve their goal, one of them being the eradication of the Dept. of Education. With control of most of the state legislatures, too, they are going to control the narrative of education for the foreseeable future. Because they control the House, they have a bigger say in funding. We’ll have vouchers and many of the things which educational experts howl into the night about.

We can fight and squabble, but the educational system to which we’ve become accustomed is going to morph into something else. What ‘that’ might be is dependent on a huge cascade of politics, money, and interests. Whatever emerges is going to be much more scaled. Those we elect to our state offices will have most of the say in what used to be a federally-supervised issue. That either elates or frightens you.

Betsy DeVos qualifications or lack thereof are almost a negligible concern for conservatives. Her appointment solidifies their cry toward a decentralized educational system. I’ve seen it coming, listening to the echoes of what once was the Tea Party. They’ve been consistent, whereas the progressives have not.

The Republicans did a better job at capitalizing on the system. Voting Republican yielded the intended result for Republicans. A decentralized educational system is just one of those important cornerstones, with Betsy Devos being a skirmish, rather than the actual fight.

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