Hold That Thought…

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If you ever find me murdered, here is one of the likely causes: I enjoy beyond measure grilling very early in the morning. (I’m not sure what a “normal” eating routine even looks like.) When I’m done with the grill as a cooking device, you can hear me cackling with glee as I add spices to the hot grill, one at a time, over several minutes. This ensures that my neighborhood will be cloaked in the sweet deliciousness of a bbq smoke cloud. It reminds me of the time at my favorite cabins at Wisteria Lane when the cabin and grounds next door were hosting a mid-afternoon wedding, with nothing except cake to eat; we could literally hear the moans of hunger as our clouds of grill-smoke filled the valley – the rumblings of the invited guest’s stomachs echoed like thunder across the peaceful spring day. I would imagine that several people attending that day still use their level of hunger from my 2 lbs. of grilled spices to measure their future hunger pains.


Cannibal’s favorite snack food: Mike ‘n Cheese.







D̶i̶a̶m̶o̶n̶d̶s̶ Jokes are forever.












... pero hay límites con los tontos y aquellos cuyos corazones están endurecidos ....


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