Why Not?


Two bits of news:
1) Everyone should watch “The Handmaid’s Tale.” It started filming before the presidential election – and the author wrote the book decades ago, using Reagan and many of the undercurrents of theocratic authoritarianism as the basis for a dystopian future. (Which are once again washing over us like a case of gastric flatulence.)
2) I am hoping to be in Season 2. Here’s how I would look in the garb of the handmaidens. I think my acting range is expressed artfully in this picture, don’t you?


I ate too much raw data last night.



These dual-message pictures are fun. I made a slew of them for “The Handmaid’s Tale” and thought they’d be interesting for other topics, too.



They told me I had to practice writing more formally. Here I am, in my formal end-of-the-world garb and yet my writing hasn’t improved. PS: Wouldn’t it be awesome if Springdale graduates had to wear this to graduate?


Another doublethought picture, below…



Beware the smell of TicTacs, the harbinger of doom.

Image result for the handmaid's tale


Say what now?

Image result for the handmaid's tale


Rock ‘N Tom 2020.  Why not?

(For anyone not in the know, it’s a reference to The Rock jokingly announce his candidacy for president.)

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