Want To Save On Insurance? This Post Isn’t About That

“Nostalgia is an ill-fitting hat, one we are always willing to wear.” – X





Very true, but read carefully…





Written for a friend, too timid to say it:

It’s acceptable for a society to establish a unified language for public discourse and government, within reason. It’s unacceptable to denigrate the use of other languages for private purposes. If I want to speak Spanish at the supermarket and you have an objection, I highly recommend the book, “How To Keep Your Hocico Closed,” by Juan Dood. And if you cluck your tongue at me for doing so, you will also need to read, “My Cabeza Hurts, ” by Duele DeVeras.







In lieu of a birthday greeting: Many people are vaguely familiar with the story of Icarus’ and his error of ignoring sage advice and flying too high and in proximity to the sun. Most often forgotten, however, is that Icarus’ father also warned him to not fly too low. If you are already in the air for the jump, take it as high as you can, where the view is unobstructed. It seems so few stretch so ambitiously or with such potential.

Nosotros, esperando abajo, sólo podemos ver desde abajo, preguntándonos qué vistas puedes ver.




PETA & the ASPCA got really angry at me. Friday, I called and reported a prowling cougar over by Springdale High School. In my defense, she was wearing a really inappropriate blouse.





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