Nailed It!


People still take a moment to caution me about walking in the dark. It’s generally good advice, just as it is when someone tells you to not use a blowtorch to warm one’s nose.

I’d like to present further proof that almost all of my mishaps and near-misses have occurred in the bright of day, in maintained conditions.

In this case, I thought I had a rock wedged in the high-dollar treads of my Wal-Mart walking shoes. When I took a step, my instincts stopped my foot from hitting the surface flat. So, I did what I always do – I shot my foot out slightly above the ground to knock the rock out. Instead, the ‘rock’ jabbed my foot again.

Something in my brain stopped me from doing it again. I hobbled over to the brush to lean over and pull the rock out. Instead, my fingers pulled and pulled at something flat and metallic. It took a minute of back and forth motion to pry it out of my shoe.

It turns out that I was very lucky. Had the nail hit anywhere other than the arch of my right foot, I would have been a shrieking disaster.

As for my walk? I nailed it.

PS: The last line was for levity, in case my favorite cousin furiously hits the ‘eye-roll’ emoji that isn’t there.

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