Zen, Salt, and Pepper







In my defense, the manual should use normal units of measure, like furlongs per fortnight.





I made this ‘prove’ a fake cooking and food prep competition happened back in the day. (In honor of someone who loathes both deviled eggs and watermelon.)



A picture I faked to explain how a friend accidentally ended up being the parade master on the way to buy gas for her riding lawn mower.




self filing taxes beach photo.jpg

From math to mayhem…



max-403109 (2).jpg

“People really love it when IQ-reducing sport is combined with political or social messages.” A quote from the book, “…Said No One Ever,” soon to be released in paperback, with a foreword written by both Colin Kaepernick and Sean Hannity.

This post is a guaranteed crown non-pleaser, just like the game tonight, depending on who ‘wins’ the game. My prediction for the outcome of the game is this: a lot of people are going to be pissed off tomorrow, even the multi-millionaires involved in the game.

Just like with “Grey’s Anatomy,” there will be a lot of talk tomorrow around the water coolers. Remember this, though: no one likes Meredith Grey, not really.

As this televised and herculean test of wills against opposing teams of grown men in tight pants draws to a close, just remember that the only score that matters is whether you consumed enough cholesterol, alcohol or sugar to qualify you for the annual Fraternity Eating Competition on Tuesday.




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