I Admit to Not Being A Great Driver

Most people state that they are better than average drivers. Statistically, this can’t be the case. With males, it is nigh on to impossible to get one to admit that his driving ability is anything short of Indy 500-ready at all times.
Not me. I have to remind myself to be mindful. I don’t consider myself to be a good driver at all. 
(Unless my insurance agent is reading this, in which case I am the best driver west of the Mississippi.) 
I also wish all the vehicles I drive had rear video cameras that I could easily see on the dash. How normal people feel confident as they speed, seemingly oblivious to the imminent death on all sides, is a mystery to me.  Seeing a wide angle shot of traffic as it approaches would be the single best thing for drivers at my skill level. Could someone surprise me with a retrofit at no charge? Thanks, and your children will be safer for this way if you do.