02022013 Lucky Husband With Shopping

Most of you aren’t as lucky as I am. Why?

Because my wife doesn’t like shopping. While it might not be as enviable as having 19 cars in the garage, it is a daily gift.

If she needs something specific, we go look for it. But that seemingly undying need to meander from store to store looking for “deals” somehow missed her genetic makeup. This should almost be a Thanksgiving post. That’s how happy her lack of shopping lust makes me.

She doesn’t hoard shoes, nor is she interested in shoeware for appearances. She doesn’t amass 14 pairs of pants, nor a set of clothing for each occasion that she might attend.

While I still hear the tired cliché, especially from comedians, that women shop relentlessly, it isn’t true in my case. It’s not genetically wired into every female. My sister-in-law, however shops constantly. She couches it in “thrift store” mythology and buys an astounding number of small things – death by incremental stuff.  : )

Many women don’t understand that it is not the money spent on shopping. It is just the IDEA of it being important and going from store to store.