As ignorant as I am about so many topics, I have never been able to wrap my mind around the sheer amount we spend towards “defense.” I use the word in quotes, as everyone has his or her own definition of which portion of our budget actually is for defense and what constitutes a defense expenditure.

Google “federal pie chart” and look at even conservative estimates for defense spending. You’ll see that at least a 1/4 of the pie is defense. Factoring in “past expenditures” for pensions and benefits and it gets even more surprising. Additionally, you have to factor in the amount we are actually spending on the off-the-book wars. No one agrees on how many billions per year that’s costing.

(You’ll see a figure of about 1/4 if you use the government’s accounting system. It’s so far off even with a cursory glance at where the information derives from. Start with looking at how much of the budget results from ex-military benefits, for example. )

Almost 1/2 of the world’s military spending is from us. That statement alone should cause you to stop and think for a long minute. It’s absolutely crazy and not justifiable.

We argue and fight socially about a few billion dollars for education, housing, homeless shelters, etc while entire truckloads of our money is being used for “defense” spending. It is simply unethical.

It’s hard for me to bash a church for hoarding and wealth when we as a country are doing much, much worse in regards to wasting our resources and cash instead of bettering the lives of human beings in the world.

When I was younger, I used to be much more irritated by things like this. Ultimately, as I’ve written about, it dawned on me that my personal opinions were of no value against the size of the problem. Worrying my life into ruin was not logical. It’s unethical for me to have such strong opinions about the stupidity of our defense budget at the expense of human beings and not do something about it. I know that makes me a hypocrite.

Although my liberal views haven’t changed and I’m no less sickened by our sense of priorities in this country, I note that it is only getting worse. We will probably not learn our lesson until we are bankrupt
In case you missed it, my point is that our defense spending is much too high. Social efforts should always take priority over war and defense spending.

Hiding the true cost of defense spending allows our system to continue to hurt all of us.