A Blogging Note / Update

 The above picture is of my paternal grandfather, James Terry.
For several reasons, I recently had to revamp my blog. It turned out to be much more problematic than I intended. In fact, it was a mess.

One positive thing to come from the mess was that I decided to practice some organizational minimalism and simply “delete” 97 drafts, some of which were either intricate or lengthy. It wasn’t easy to hit the button. My internal argument was to remind myself that if I had not finished most of them, it was because they would never be ready or they were somehow broken. Likewise, I also deleted 167 posts that had been previously published. Some of the ones I trashed probably should have been kept while some of the ones I chose to save definitely should have been discarded. To my surprise, many of the ones I chose to trash were humorous or whimsical. I didn’t notice a trend until I was almost done decimating my lists. A few of the posts will be missed as time passes. I’ll treat them as an incentive toward doing better in the future.

But I promised myself to always try to avoid perfectionism, no matter how uncomfortable.

The above picture is of me when I was just a few days old, with my siblings.
P.S. I know that these pictures don’t have anything to do with the blog message, at least not directly.