10252014 First And Always: What Will It Be Used For?

As a wanna-be minimalist, it bothers me that we generally don’t stop to think closely about what we need an item for. Secondly, if we need an item, what exactly do we need it to do?

If I “need” another cellphone, the only things I require are texting and calls. Almost all other features are a waste of time, space and consideration, as well adding the needless complexity in life.

If you are buying a computer, the worst thing to do is to decide which brand you want first. The primary consideration should be what you expect to do with the device. Secondary considerations would include size, portability, interoperability, etc. How much of our tech burnout results from doing the process backwards? We run out and buy the latest tablet without consideration of its limitations and drawbacks, focusing solely on price or how stylish it might be. Or we buy a Mac thinking that it will be more reliable, forgetting that we don’t have the tech knowledge or interest to learn how to do everything all over again with another OS.

What do you need a new item to do? Always narrow that option first and be true to your decision. Half the battle is fought by how you define it.

Minimalism aside, if the item is something that you find appealing or beautiful, the practicality of it isn’t the major priority. But you can’t clutter your house with a million items that you find appealing.