12232014 Your Keys Say It All

Having read a lot over the last few weeks, another thing I’ve always believed is a common belief among many minimalists: Keys.

The more you have or the bigger your keychain, the less likely you are to have a simple life. Keys basically demand that your life have a multilayer worry factor stressing you out.

Why in the world would you carry a dozen keys in your pocket? I carry 1. I can easily fold mine into the little coin pocket of my pants where they don’t press against my leg, fall out, etc.If I need others, they are in the appropriate place. Carrying the ‘just in case’ mentality too far means you can’t feel comfortable leaving keys in the glovebox, even though you always go to the mail in your vehicle. But the ‘what if’ insists that you carry them on you, ‘just in case’ some unimaginable scenario were to arise.

People with extra keys also tend to have mailboxes they don’t need, storage units, keys to the in-laws, keys to  god-knows-what lying around. I’ve noted that these people also are the ones who can’t find a specific key when an emergency arises, or they rely so much on “having everything” that they overlook a key and assume they have it when the actually don’t.

One of everyone’s projects should be to look at their keys and minimize the number they “must have.” Otherwise, I’ve found that you can take all identifying information off your extra keys and put them somewhere mostly hidden. (Having said that, I’ve also observed that those people carrying too many keys seem to have the their name, phone number, car model, and address on their keys. Not a good idea.)

There are some great things online to help you cleverly hide your keys without resorting to the cliché of using a pot or rock to conceal your keys.

When I had the doors in my house redone, I finally got one of my biggest wishes fulfilled. I had a keypad door lock installed on the door I use most often. I can go outside without fear of being locked out and can set a guest access code for a one-time entry for things such as pet care, emergency access and so forth. One less key!