Mike Rowe Should Slow Down and Think….

carolyn and cheryl on the end right

If someone says, “I’ve got a picture of folks working hard in the cotton fields,” why do people assume that there are slaves in the picture? Cotton was the territory of the poor.

My mom was literally born in the cotton fields and her family did the harsh work in them.

Mike Rowe has created a controversy by assuming that a news anchor had a picture of slaves on her wall as inspiration. That’s just illogical. Cotton field workers weren’t all slaves – but they were all poor and had to work like their lives depended on it – because it did.

(I’m not a follower of either Mike Rowe or Melissa Harris-Perry.)

Mike Rowe butchered logic by pinning an entire viral social media argument on the premise that Ms. Harris had a picture of slaves to define “hard work” for her. She said she had a picture of folks working the cotton fields. That picture could literally be a photo of my ancestors – and none of them were either black nor slaves. It is so easy to create a whirlwind where none need exist if you are more interested in earning a living fanning the fires on social media than you are in trying to get to the gist of what someone is saying and believes.


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