Best Selfie Ever?

x bag on head at work 11042015

Post from social media:

“Weird. It is almost like no one recognizes me. But I got a lot of waves and laughter as I walked
to my car.”

Before leaving work, I had an inspiration. I grabbed a large brown paper bag, ripped it across and then ripped two eye holes, stuffing my glasses on as an anchor. I left work and walked to my car, along a very busy road. People were gawking, laughing, waving, and pointing. It was great fun.

Some people say I have never looked better in my entire life. And my laugh lines and wrinkles are virtually gone. I may be on to a new type of product!

I wish life were always so carefree. For just a few cents and a little willingness to come across as stupid, I got a great dose of fun out of an otherwise mundane activity.

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