A Small Follow-Up To The Plane Crash Story…

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“People say they want to know the truth, but what they really want to know is that they already know the truth.” Max Klein, “Fearless”

After I posted again last week ( CLICK H-E-R-E ) about the pilot who crashed on my residence in 1991, I got some interesting responses. A friend and contemporary who I connect with only on facebook reached out and shared part of a personal story and perspective related to ‘my’ crash.

My friend had met the deceased pilot in passing, after having spent time with other pilots around the United States when younger. It was a big part of their life. So, the friend got to experience part of the impact on me from both an insider’s and outsider’s perspective. It is truly a small world. It’s a story I was unaware of and would have never known had my friend not reached out to share a slice of perspective from the other side. I was grateful to know that my small story had connected to another person in a meaningful way.


Writing is often like throwing stones into the dark. I know that people are reading it who don’t comment and that most content doesn’t connect. But I don’t throw the stones for the reaction.

The concentric circles of coincidence and how connected we all are still surprises me, even after living through thousands of insights.  https://xteri.me/2015/06/19/sonder-and-sonderous/

Even after I posted the airplane story again, I had a few people who still thought it might not be true or that it was just a clever story. I’m no Ben Carson on this one. It’s too strange to be untrue. Like so many other things, it is both a small part of my life and a big impact into who I am today.


“You told me I was going to be safe with you.” (Carla) “You’re safe. You’re safe because we died already.” (Max) “Fearless”

“Fearless” is a movie from 1993, starring Jeff Bridges. (It’s also a novel by Rafael Yglesias.) Jeff’s character is a normal person until he survives a horrific plane crash. Surviving the crash changes him dramatically. I’ve watched the movie 5-6 times and each time I do, it revives the macabre laughter in me that awakened even further after being on the ground under a crashing plane.

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